Business Performance Dashboard


All SaaS metrics available -Make smater decidions -  Build Leaderboards - Create performance driven culture - Identify new trends - Share cloud data insight.



Social Media

 Audience activity, engagement, and a selection of huge social metrics. 

Paid Advertising

Monitor paid campaigns , performance, reach and campaign ranking

Brand Monitoring

Monitor SEO and SEM campaigns 

Create Office TV Dashboards. 


Stream real time data  - access anywhere - keep private or share.


Email Marketing

Monitor metrics from email marketing campaigns 

Web Analytics

Content analytics, goals and eCommerce metrics monitoring. 

Marketing Analytics

Monitor Marketing sales funnels and lead conversions.

Billing And Finance

Monitor revenue and expenses 


Monitor chat and support metrics


What happens after I make the payment?
After you make the payment, you will be sent a link to sign up into your personal dashboard to start adding integrations. 
Can I cancel at anytime?
Do you provide support?
Yes - all subscribed members can contact us for support.


Can I use this software if I don't have a campaign with Uperso?


Yes - Bring your own data.